Has anyone ever tried cutting fabric?

So my basic design is a backless tee shirt, where the silhouette is cut out and the outline is printed around the fabric – I’ve done some paper tests, with great results, I dont have the stickymats yet for testing it with a shirt

Here is the basic pattern

and for you awesome nerds who want to play along at home. . .
here is the .svg

firebird.jpg.svg.zip (13.2 KB)

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So you are doing a cut out on the back of the shirt or are you using the glowforge to make an appliqué that will be put on the shirt?

The Glowforge works great for cutting most cotton fabrics. For muslin/calico I think I’ve typically used around 500 speed and somewhere around 75 power although different fabrics sometimes need adjustment.

Scoring/engraving is where you can run into trouble. Lighter weight cotton will end up burning/cutting even at the lowest settings. But heavier fabrics such as denim or cotton duck work great.


You can make very cheap poor man’s sticky mats by spraying a waste piece of material with Krylon Easy Tack or Odif 505 Spray & Fix Temporary Fabric Adhesive. One can will last you for years.


cut out of a shirt, I was being vague before till I had more info to post.


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