Has anyone ever used the application Tilemill?

I was researching on how to design a map for a project and I came across Tilemill. It looks like a powerful program and perfect for making a map of less iconic cities or towns. I was just wondering if anyone else has used it.
Tilemill Introduction


I used it a few years ago, but wasn’t all that impressed. YMMV, as it could have improved dramatically since then.

My main complaint was how many extra steps and workarounds were needed as compared to COTS like ArcGIS. But hey, that’s just me – totally worth giving it a try.

So what program should you suggest?

This is one recent option that others have used…


Btw, Tilemill may be the perfect solution for you. I’ve been fortunate to have access to pro-grade integrated GIS environments like ArcGIS, so digging into FOSS solutions often leaves me scratching my head. Didn’t mean to come across as disparaging — it’s just not my cup of carto-tea. :wink:


You are fine. I haven’t even downloaded the program and I’m happy to know of more options. I’ve never tried to make a map before so any advice is appreciated.