Has anyone ever used the designs from Laser Masterpieces.com?

Howdy, My husband bought me an Aura a couple weeks ago and I’ve been doing lots of practice but I was wondering if anyone purchased designs from this site:https://lasermasterpieces.com/ Their Facebook ad says they have over 150,000 files and they are regularly priced at $229 but it is on sale for $69. I’m trying to find out if they are legit. I do know thru research they are fairly new. I did download some free designs before I gave it thought so I’m hoping I didn’t just get a virus. :crossed_fingers: TIA

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This collection is sold under a variety of names and prices, with new identities popping up every month. That alone would make me nervous about giving them my money.

I’d also be nervous about the provenance of the files. The designs might be in the public domain, but they could just as easily have been stolen from the creators and distributed without permission. It’s hard to know what you’re getting or where it’s from, and that’s a huge red flag.

It’s always better to buy from legitimate designers than a shady, fly-by-night reseller.


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I would be surprised if they are legit, and have permission to sell 150,000+ designs.

Keep in mind that any design featuring tab & slot construction (boxes, shelves, etc.) Will more than likely require resizing to accommodate the actual material used, requiring a vector-based editor like Inkscape, Affinity Designer, or Adobe Illustrator.

Good luck with your new laser! I’m sure you’re going to love it.


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I believe there are lots of better options for files.


I believe I have seen these popping up a lot lately and they always advertise it with a Mickey Mouse layered design (copyright flag there). I wouldn’t trust it and that is a massive file amount that I don’t see any one human making on their own.


Ditto to what everyone else said, may I offer an alternative of the Glowforge Catalog?

Also, once you have a handle on what the Aura can and cannot do (no plywood with an MDF core for example) you can also take a romp through the Free Laser Designs section and there is lots there for personal use - but they mostly won’t be labeled for a Spark, Aura, or Performance series so you’ll need to know by looking at it (or asking!).

If you’re looking to sell what you make, searching for Etsy on here will lead you to many reputable sellers :slight_smile: