Has anyone found a source for draftboard? 4x8 sheets?

Is it just MDF?

I’m not sure if we’ve ever gotten confirmation, but I believe it’s just MDF with additional processing steps to ensure more consistency. I believe there was also a picture of Draftboard Pro posted at some point that would be larger material. But, I’m not sure anyone will be able to provide full 4x8 sheets at a cost-effective price. The shipping would cost as much as the material for any significant distance.

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Wondering if people had found something locally in full sheets. Obviously not the same thing, but comparable. Wasn’t sure if it was just 1/8" MDF or what it was. One thing for sure is, it’s not “hardboard” from your local big box store.

After holding and cutting some, I’d have to say it certainly appears to “just” be MDF. However they may have sourced a supplier with a unique binder/glue blend that cuts more readily.


I believe it’s formaldehyde free MDF. I can’t find a source for full-sheet 1/8" MDF anywhere near me; let alone formaldehyde free.

I’ve been using HD MDF but then you have to deal with the formaldehyde.

I’d call the :proofgrade: medium high density as it is not hardboard but it is a good bit denser than Lowes MDF.


Curious what you want draftboard for when it’s so inexpensive (90 cents per full bed) to get BB in most locations?

I’m really asking, I get my BB so cheap that all my experiments have been using it instead of draftboard. What’s MDF better at than BB?

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It’s more consistent structurally, and in some places easier to find than real BB.


Specifically in thickness? How does it compare in terms of strength/rigidity?

(Raises hand) What’s BB?

Oh Baltic Birch. Not enough Coffee yet.


I use BB primarily for all my experiments as well. MDF takes paint far better(smoother), and is the go to for tabletop gaming parts.


If your looking for Baltic try Menards, their wood selection is awesome compared to Home Depot or Lowe’s not to mention cheaper

Another reason for draftboard is 3D engraves. BB is fine for cuts or for making the surface dark, but once you go for depth no so much.