Has anyone here yet engraved their Glock?

Just wondering. I’m not sure I have the balls to be the first. LOL

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Don’t own a Glock, but I’ve been eyeballing an AR-15 lower.

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@willcfc: I recommend practicing on a clip which is cheaper and uses the same material. I was given a clip recently to try engraving with the Glowforge but have not gotten around to trying. :sunglasses:


Search is your friend.

Here is one sample of what you can find.


I did a frame as well. settings and image in another thread somewhere.

Haven’t done a glock slide yet but did a blued 1911 slide and that turned out well.

Since you’re being that guy, I’ll be the other guy… it’s a magazine.


Didn’t want to go there, but you did it :sunglasses: And the material for a Glock polymer frame is not the same as the butt plate on a magazine. Dropped too many times for someone calling it a slide/clip in the academy…

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@bkressley: You are right—I stand corrected. I was given a Glock “magazine” to test with. I was told the plastic was the same.

Me? I prefer steel! The only plastic gun I own is one from these guys…



Too funny! And it wasn’t an indictment, more of bad memory’s… I have two Glock’s, one dept issued “22” and a “27” for Personal, plus a Dan Wesson 357 and a couple others. I feel nomenclature is important to understand the responsibility possessing a weapon, be it gun or otherwise. I have seen too many lives lost to “show” and too many cowards that can’t punch anymore. My opinion and I accept it. VIPD Forensics for over 12 years. More Homicides than Chicago/almost anywhere per capita (But really a lovely place to live, mostly confined to players) But I really enjoy shooting guns (grandfather taught me respect)… so it is what it is.


I love my Bug A Salt!!

(I kept asking for one for Christmas or my birthday, no one got it for me so I finally bought it for myself.) My husband refers to me as Annie Oakley when he sees me with it.


I was only thinking engraving the slides, but resin parts could be useful. This past week I had a feed issue during a match, and kicked myself for not keeping that magazine apart from the others. Some nice laser-etched numbering would have been handy…

I can’t find any data on the specific polymer used by Glock (invented by him), but speculation is that it’s likely very similar to DuPont Zytel and others used in millions of common items.

Combustion produces small amounts of ammonia and hydrogen cyanide, which would not be good to breathe, but in such small amounts and with proper ventilation, I’m sure it would be fine.

The biggest concern is whether they would harm the machine.

Please let me know how you fair, I’d be really interested to know.

is nobody going to point out the obvious?

OK, now I’m that other other guy.


GF been there, done that.


@evansd2: Duh! Should have known… Thanks! :sunglasses:

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