Has anyone made the keychains yet from the GF app designs? If so: Leather, wood, plywood?

Hi everybody, before I make them, just wondering if anyone has done so already, and if so, would you recommend leather / wood / plywood / acrylic?

I’m referring to the set of 4 in the GF app…



Haven’t tried 'em yet…why not make one of each? :relaxed:


I actually might, lol…

But figured I’d ask first, just in case any of them don’t work well…kind of like the scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark:


Nope, not yet. Got relatives coming over on the weekend and might demo them then!


Hhhmmm, actually, I wonder how long before we PRs start calling “SHOTGUN!” / “DIBS!” lolol


FWIW, I was dinking around with a keychain design last night. I used leather, but it was done using my own design, rather than the GF template. I’m just working on some small stuff, trying to get a better handle on AI :wink:


My own sense of materials is that at least a 5 oz. leather is needed to have a good feel and heft to hold keys if you are thinking of engraving something on it. You want to balance out the key and the fob (key chain blank or keychain tag). Acrylic would be ok, but would scuff up pretty fast. Acrylic would be great if the tags are used to identify inidividual keys and then are kept on a key organizer. The hardwood would come out fine and hold up to use if you scaled up the design slightly for balance. Plywood if you have a slew of keys you need to identify and need a cheap and effective way to do it.

Delrin would be the best for a pocket key tag that would get lots of use. No Proofgrade Delrin available to me, but the Delrin I have processed from laserbits is really good. You could engrave the design/lettering and then paint the engrave for contrast before taking masking off.


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