Has anyone taken the time to try to cut fire hose?

ok, i’ve been looking for a while, but i can’t find anything about it. has anyone taken the time to try to cut fire hose in their gf?

I haven’t seen anyone try it, but I can’t think it would be a good thing to cut. You will need to find out exactly what all the individual components are and get their combustion products to determine if anything will be toxic or dangerous to the machine or you.
I suspect it would be a multi-pass material since there are at least two layers to cut with differing properties.


Also I suspect firehose is specifically designed not to burn…?

That isn’t to say it can’t be lasered necessarily (I have no idea on that) I just don’t suspect it’ll be the ideal material for it.


Toady they are generally made for a nylon or polyester fabric around a rubber hose so I would be carful of the fumes and the damage to the machine…


I’ve never even seen a fire hose close up, but in my mind’s eye it seems they would be similar to this, which I have cut. This however, has no rubber in the middle.

Just out of curiosity- why would you want to?

i’ve got a design for a guitar strap made out of it, but using leatherworking tools to cut the necessary holes is a pain. hoping to find an easier way to cut it.

@ben1, @evansd2, and @gamn1958, that’s what i was thinking, and afraid that’s what the jacket is made out of. i know the rubber would be a pain, but doable.

oh well. guess smaug is just gonna cut me a template so i don’t have to measure everything every time… thank you!


Gotcha. If you’re making a lot of these straps you could look into getting a die made and find a local shop with a clicker press.

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