Has anyone tried a sublimation material as a finish?

Hey there - I was going to try using Rowmark Mates clear gloss 8.5 x 11 sheets as a finishing layer on wood projects, like pins and earrings, rather than layers of polyurethane spray finish.

I’m noticing that especially with 3D engraving, some of the wood is more thirsty and absorbs more finish (a lot more) than other parts and I need many layers to reach the deeper textures, which is kind of changing the look of the piece. A single thin layer of protecting, finishing gloss would be so wonderful. Mostly for smaller pieces like pins and earrings.

Does anyone have experience with this? I’m imagining my best option is a self leveling resin coat, but I haven’t had the best luck with resin yet.

Thanks so much!

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I have not, but I’ll be curious what your results are!

Use this product and only needs 2 light coats. Purchase the quart size. Fill a small container with Minwax. It is so much easier to deal with a small amount then to keep opening the big quart container. I have three regular sized prescription bottles. Also use small sponge brushes. Bristle brushes tend to leave streaks.

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