Has anyone tried doing this?

I had someone ask if i could engrave a logo on high carbide stainless steel. I know the glowforge doesn’t do that, but what if i used this product to print it on there?


Is this something that would be feasible?

Searching even a little for “cermark” yields a ton of info and discussion.


Budget a little time, as it’s a pretty deep rabbit hole. Maybe get a nice cup of coffee first. :slight_smile:


Yes, used it for quite a few projects. Don’t get scared off, it is incredibly simple. Get the spray, spray it on, test some mid-low power settings, and you’ll have it working in no time! Rinses right off in water.

FYI: There was a very long discussion about whether an acidic solution like vinegar and water on a thin paper towel as a mask works. Have no idea what does and doesn’t work but during that time I tried it with a razor blade. Worked extremely well on the blade and less on other stainless materials. If I’m not mistaken razor blades are high carbon stainless.

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Some new life in this thread talks about that:


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