Has anyone tried engraving on Speedball pink stamp rubber?

I have a sheet of 1/4” pink soft Speedball stamp rubber “for carving” does anyone know if it’s laserable?

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Lots of rubber stamp posts, not sure if anyone’s done speedball brand.


As long as their rubber isn’t pvc based you’ll be fine most likely.

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I’ve looked into it. The big P.V.C so it’s a no go for testing/use.

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Bummer. The engraving rubber that you can score on amazon can be some messy stuff, definitely read through those threads. People have put up paper/cardstock shields inside the GF to catch the ash/gunk and prevent the bulk of cleanup. Strongly recommend that, the mess is why I’ve never gone back to rubber.

So have the rubber but anyone know a good place for the wooden stamp handles… I spent the better part of 2 hours search one day a while back. Amazon, eBay, Google shopping, general internet browsing. Lots of rubber stuffs and how toos just no handles.

Take a look at the profile of different baseboard trims at your local hardware, or make one of stacked materials with your laser. There are lots of options even if you don’t see the standard off-the-shelf handle.

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I ended up making my own mounts and handles from clear acrylic. when used with the clear polymer stamp material it lets you see the orientation of the stamp and get great placement.
I did find these though, if you want the more traditional look:


I’ve used the Speedball pink stuff on a FullSpectrum before. *Would NOT recommend.

BURNS, Smells, Char, smoke, SO gross… After some soap I got something usable, but it wasn’t worth it.

Spend the $, Laser rubber from amazon cuts like a dream with GF. I’ve been on a stamp-making binge lately. :smiley:

Got a URL for the specific product?

Also, is it as messy as other rubbers? I find that when I engrave laser rubber it makes an oily ashy mess.

Laserable Rubber New Bundle of 5 Pcs Rubber Sheet for Laser Engraving Machine… (this looks like what I ordered before) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LIZFXY4/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_U_x_N.B1CbJB27AMT

This is way nicer than the gross ashy pink rubber for sure! It’s not oily, but the engraving generates dust. Washing it off with water is usually all I need to to. The cut can be crispy if you use the wrong settings.

I use:
operation | speed | power | thickness |LPI for engrave
|Cut|130|100| |0.08|

Good luck!