Has anyone tried making a larger (11x14) puzzle in the passthrough?

I haven’t even tried using my passthrough yet, it’s a bit intimidating to me making this an even more daunting task but I have someone who wants me to create puzzles for her artwork in a 11x14 size so they can be framed. Is it reasonably possible to do so in the passthrough? Any suggestions? Am I in waaay over my head?

Thank you in advance!

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Make it 10.9x14 and you won’t need to passthrough at all…?


That’s what I’m trying to convince her of but she’s stuck on the traditional 11x14 size available for picture frames and mats. :upside_down_face:

10.9 is 0.10 less than 11. With a balance on each side that is 0.05 inches on each side and if there is any overlap above it will never be known.

Alternatively, if they have an exterior rim around the puzzle as many do then there is not a problem as you just cut the inside of a pre-sized piece of material.

The third possibility just use a jeweler’s saw (or xacto knife) on that last 0.05 inches.


I make 16"x16" puzzles without using the passthrough, but they’re on acrylic or MDF without grain.

Are you engraving on wood, sublimating, or adhering a print?


We would be engraving on wood.

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If you’re engraving a picture/photo using passthrough, you will get a “blank line” at the point where the steps break. It’s not an alignment issue, I’ve done multiple passthrough engraves and the alignment was absolutely perfect. As best as I can tell, it’s the way they convert the image from (whatever format) to (what is needed for the laser) - the edges are not continuous, the compression/conversion/whatever assumes the space beyond the edge is “white” so the first line or two are not as “solid” or dark as they should be. They break the image into sections and process individually, instead of pausing/splitting the engrave in “laser speak”.

Put another, simpler way - the first pass of the laser on the next step does not fire, or fires at a much reduced power. I’ve visibly watched this multiple times now. I’ve had to touch up passthrough engraves with a pencil.


How do you manage that?

Thank you for the info @Doppler , it’s a little over my head :stuck_out_tongue: but very informative. I really appreciate it! :+1:t2:

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