Has anyone tried to make something like a "Lite-Brite®”?

I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to recreate a Lite-Brite® toy. If the pegs are cut out and not purchased separately then they would need square holes. the base of the pegs would need to be exactly the same thickness as the sheet of translucent plastic.


I’ve seen it done with acrylic rods, IMO the best way to do it would be to lase the pegboard and the cut the acrylic with a conventional saw. Lasering 1/4” rods leads to a pretty noticeably angled cut. (I’ve tried it).

The acrylic rods aren’t cheap and you need a lot more than you might think.


You can make triangular-shaped heads with pins cut from regular acrylic that, as you say, go into square/rectangular holes. Also, if you cut the base of each pin at an angle, and use side-lighting, they show up pretty good.

I played around with this type of thing to make “light pipes” and it’s so long ago, I don’t even remember what the project was! I do know I was not satisfied with the results, but it’s fun to experiment.

lite- bright is the OG edge-lit design. The closest I have gotten is this. the idea was multiple replaceable plates with different design on them to mix and match. I did not make self healing holes.

while lite-bright used different colored pegs, I changed the LED colors.


Oooo, make one! I wanna see it. I think square pegs would be great. You could make pixelated images with it.

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There’s a lamp they sell in the Droid Depot at Galaxy’s edge that has 2 sequentially lit slots and the graphics “animate” as they cycle.


It got me thinking the same thing… Why stop at two?


I know nothing about the electronics of it, or the programming that might be required, but it’s a neat idea for sure!


How cool! I’m still very new with my Glowforge so right now I’m just looking, watching, and learning what types of things can be done using the Glowforge. Thank you for showing that.