Has anyone used this laserable heat-transfer material?

As a guy who uses a vinyl cutter to make t-shirts, this looks too good to be true. High detail and no weeding?! Wonder how it holds up in the wash…



it did seem pretty too good, but after reading the instructions, it makes total sense. neat find, thanks.


It has been discussed on the forum before. Most heat transfer vinyl is NOT PVC and is laser safe. I’m looking forward to trying it when I get my Glowforge. Thanks for the link!


I am curious about the hand for this stuff. If you get some, please report back!
(for screen-printed and heat-pressed clothing, the “hand” of a print is referring to the feel. The softer the hand of a print, the less you can feel it… with your hand)


I’m really curious about that too. Man, if I had a laser, I would have ordered some today! It’s gonna be a long wait…

The best hand I have found so far in HTV is Cutflex 100P. Unfortunately it seems to have gone out of production right after I got a sample to try.

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That looks pretty cool…can do some nice gradients with that too I guess.

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Do they have colors?

Yes they do, but, haven’t used them.
laserflex-heat-transfer-sheets colors


This look like something I will be trying. :grinning: I have done a lot of vinyl on my Cricut. Weeding is a pain on intricate designs… So depending on how durable it is I may be doing a lot more of this than vinyl. Thanks for Sharing @GrooveStranger

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at $5 for 1 ~11"x16" sheet, it is almost 3x the price of traditional heat transfer material when buying at the most expensive price range (smallest length).
You could still see cost saving for intricate designs (no weeding=less time involved), but for simple stuff…
well, I guess I have to wait, to see and feel the quality before making a call. Also curious if it might be available in bulk roll-form for a better price.


Yep, the price is worrisome, but there are some things you just can’t do with a cutter. I’m really curious about this stuff. Hopefully we’ll see some more suppliers and better prices coming along.



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Trotec sells the same stuff too, in the UK it’s £4 + VAT + shipping for an A3 size sheet. Quite pricey. But no weeding on intricate designs is a good thing.

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Huh. That looks pretty cool for sure. Pricey, but might be worth it? Thanks for the share

Heat transfer is only sos so in the wash - but if it could be used to mask out silk screen nylon I would be very interested…depends on the relative melting points I expect. I was going to try the high tavk tranfer paper - the one with the release backing. Laserable and hopefully sticky enough to use for silk screen masking

Name-brand HTV, like Siser, applied properly with a heat press is pretty reliable. I have many HTV garments that are looking good after a couple of years. I have no idea how good this particular HTV is, though.

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Have you tried cutting Htv with the gf yet? If so, what settings did you use?

Not yet, haven’t made the time to figure out settings. Been doing it the old-fashioned way.