Has Glowforge just become the most successful crowd funding campaign ever?

The Glowforge pre-sales amount has now surpassed Pebble on Kickstarter. Did you (I mean we) just make history?


YES WE! I think so. Thank you. :smile:


Not according to Wikipedia @dan … Sorry

Although it might be useful for someone to add glowforge to the list.

Very impressed! I knew there would be great success when I ordered day one(funding went up from 100k to 120k int he time it took me to decide which one to order!) but I didn’t quite expect 22mill+

Ok, but the most in 30 days. For hardware. Its still hugely significant.

I think its the most in 30days. Star citizen is ridiculous but been going for ever, they made <10mil in 30days(still an achievement)

Actually, elio motors has only taken in ~21 million. The rest is promise to pay upon product release, but still hasnt been collected yet. Technically this puts Glowforge ahead of elio. @glen @dan

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There’s a discussion on the talk page that it’s… odd… to list someone’s accumulated sales over the course of years and compare those. It probably does make more sense for that page to have 30-day totals, which is what every entry there except Elio and Star Citizen do. But I have a conflict of interest, so I’m not going to edit.

You’re a class act, Dan.
I agree.
Go Glowforge!

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@dan, after watching this campaign for the past 30 days, I swear you could sell ice cubes to Eskimos. Well done! :beers: I look forward to seeing a GF land at my door.

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I expect a picture from the party after the campaign! :smiley:

It may need to be a quick party, they have 5 times as many Glowforges on order as they expected to have at this point, so the workload won’t be going down far!

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Also what they could do is take a big piece of something and engrave all our names on it :wink:

I think they’ll need the pro for this, because of the passthrough :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d agree with that. They must be pushing close to 7,500 units at this point. Wow!

I’m blown away by how fast the dollar amount has been climbing today!

Certainly agree that comparing apples with apples is better than apples with oranges. Using the 30 day limit is a reasonable solution.

However, the amount that Star Citizen has collected is very impressive.

Agreed. And SC made history too. But selling software at around $100 a pop (average?) is a completely different endeavour to selling hardware at $2-4K a pop. The perception of risk involved is very different. And Glowforge aced it in the trust arena (mostly…) to date.

Now can they pull it off? Will they under-deliver, over-deliver, or just deliver?
It will be interesting.