Hat rack stack

I’ve been getting into making hats for my customers and for my shop, and I needed to figure out a better way to display them. This is the first attempt (well, first five… starting from the bottom)

This started as a Universal Box with (s) stackable top and bottom from the festi.info/boxes.py generator. I designed it to be cut from 6mm bb ply, but I keep having hidden knot issues with that material, and this was no different. Instead of redesigning it, I decided to cut it from 3mm bb ply (which almost always works great for me), which had the unexpected advantage of allowing me to do my glue-up on the inner layer, and hide all my stray glue globs with the outer layer.
I think the next step will be a piece that goes across the front of the shelf and which locks two units together, as my little tear-drop interconnects just kind of sit there and don’t work to lock the units square to each other.



What a collection of projects!

I need to make something for my BIL’s collection of shot glasses. I want to do something similar so I can get him a new “stack” each year.

Great project! I can see this being tweaked for multiple projects…

Everything looks awesome. I want the blue one with the white logo on it :slight_smile:

Tell us about the ship!


The ship is from thingiverse, I’ve been using it as a spot to hang necklaces and keychains.

I might actually get a webstore running one of these days… but I’ve been saying that (and meaning it!) for years now…
Best to just come visit my studio next time you are in NorCal!


Thanks for the link. I noticed you had things hanging on it.

Yell if you ever get a store running. Next time I get to Cali I’ll probably be in San Diego.


What a pitiful little collection of caps! I need one designed to hold about 80-90 please! :smile:

JYYC…those actually look decorative instead of piled up on a shelf in the garage.


its a modular design, just keep adding units!

one of the next steps for this may be to make a secondary shelf unit that spans between two of the main cubby units: two cubbies and a shelf makes three cubbies.
(I could have built something ugly for 80 hats much faster using full-size lumber… but it would have been big and heavy, and probably would not be able to come with me the next time I move.

I only decorated like fifty hats yesterday, and most of them were branded for private clients so I don’t post the pics… There are plenty more hats here :wink:.

Been using the GF to make hats too… might post about it soon.


Rock an’ Roll man! I see you’ve been busy. Fine expandable display.
I have that same ship sitting in front of me. Sucker took a whole sheet of cherry. I use the bag of cut-outs to make kind of a French cleat for hanging things with the 3M Command stickers.


I saw that post, I remember recognizing the shape of those cutouts!


Okay, that’s better. (No self respecting fella should have fewer than 50.) :wink:


I have 5 caps and a Fedora, but still a pretty firm grip on my man card. :+1:
I never wore one until my hair got thin and I needed one to keep my crown from stinging in the sun.


Need me to send you a few dozen? (More than happy to clean them out of here…really!) :innocent:

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Thx, but I’m kinda picky. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Fav is my ships cap from Enterprise. Next is a CSM, Colorado school of mines, where my Son and my money went. Next would be the Panama Jack for vacation, then the fedora - when I’m feeling my inner Indiana Jones.


Acrylic version looks pretty good, but uses a good part of three sheets of proofgrade. I don’t know if I can justify the expense.

This is cut from the same file: my 3mm BBply and my Medium PG acrylic are the exact same thickness. I had to use a little bit of force putting the wood ones together, but not with the acrylic … it has to be perfectly aligned, but then it just fits!


Instead of solid pieces, you can cut rectangular holes with radiused corners out of the “shelf” and vertical rear wall. At least it reduces the weight while maintaining stiffness, and you can use the cutout material for other projects. It also catches less dust.



What if you just used that acrylic for the ledge and sides, wood for back panel and then edge lit from behind the panel. The shelves would glow !!

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Oooh! That acrylic looks sharp! (Maybe for a store front display!)

Happy Cakeday @mpipes! :wink:

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