Having fun giving new life to my artwork


I drew this jaguar back in 2015. The wood texture breathed new life into it :slight_smile: I’m having way too much fun! Lol


Great artwork! :grinning:


Very nice


Very well done. The artwork and the new rendition.


Indeed! Beautiful!



Lovely, realistic art! I can almost see them breathing…



Stunning and talented!


That’s wood? It turned out great! Love the drawing too.


Yep it’s wood! LOL All drawings originated from pencil drawings. :slight_smile: Thank you all!


Those are gorgeous! Nice job!


Beautiful! Did you have to create a vector file from the image, how?


No I just scanned the drawings then engraved them onto the wood. Pretty simple, really.


Wow, your drawing skills are through the roof!


Thank you!


How long to engrave?


I want to say about 40 minutes on each. The engrave settings were set to full, 1000 speed @ 255 passes. I also did a white Arabian that I drew and it didn’t turn out the way I would have liked. I didn’t have enough room to play with the contrast with the horse already being white so if you choose to do anything that is already white, it’s best to get the background as dark as you can get it so that it brings out the details in the white subject otherwise it will blend into the background and won’t look as impressive. It will look washed out.