Having fun

Last night I told my wife at 11:45pm that I just wanted a half hour to put some small acrylic pieces together with the solvents… and then lo and behold it’s just past 3 am.

The main product thing I’m going to make that I’ve kept mostly a secret-will eventually be done by a mold, but the initial object is made of acrylic I laser cut out of 1/8 inch sheet. There were 69 pieces i put together for one object, ranging in size of 8x8 to 1/4 ×1/2 inches. (48 were tiny 1/4 × 1/2) some of these will have many more pieces, but they will all have at least 60 individual pieces to weld together.

I’d like to thank Japanese RPGs for giving me the patience to not be deterred by this masochistic task, lol.

Still, so much fun.


man, I know the feeling! I cant wait to see the finished product!

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Same here!