Having withdrawls

With the temps below zero, -13 right now – having to vent out a window even with having 2" poly board and plywood, its just to dam cold to use the machine – fearful the negative temps will harm the GF. Can’t wait till next year when I have my air filter and I can run this away from the window


Actually looking to test with the vent into those temps today. It has some buffer between it and the temps, and is right by the vent working to keep it 70 in here.

If your GF is running, the cold can’t come in because the airflow is going out. If the room temperature is above the operating temperature, you should be fine since the airflow and, correspondingly, the temperature gradient, will keep the GF at about the room temperature. If you are getting a lot of draft from the window and the GF starts picking up that air you may have a problem, but with the amount of heat the system generates if you aren’t wearing a jacket while running it I don’t see a problem.


my big concern is the wind even with a covered vent, when it is 40 mph and right at the forge, it makes me a bit nervous

Well, I’m about to setup an engrave. Mind, I’m not connecting my exhaust until ready to hit the button.

I’ve been out of town, traveling for the holidays since last Weds (a full week!). Talk about withdrawals!

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It is zero outside and the vent is going. It is still 70 inside, except for the slightest draft through the drapes.

It’s definitely shoving out heated air rather than taking in cold. The external portion of my venting rig was snow covered until I hooked up internal exhaust. It’s now below zero out there and falling, and the top of the hose is now clear of snow. By the time engraving completes, the whole hose will be free of snow.

Pfft… it’s warmer at the North Pole than it is outside my place right now. As long as you have a flap on your exhaust vent that reliably closes, you should be golden… but all bets are off if the vent doesn’t close properly. :open_mouth:


My venting setup doesn’t include vent flaps, or even blocking the screen. It really isn’t suitable for the sub-arctic temps that we are also getting here. Going to go get some anti-fatigue mats tomorrow (hopefully) for building a seal for the slider. If it works really well, I’ll leave it in most of the time and use a metal and rubber seal on the inside magnet.

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If you can work it into the arrangement I recommend an auxiliary fan. I turn that on as soon as a hook up the forge for a cutting session, so no cold air can blow into the forge while it’s not cutting. If you get direct wind on the exterior opening, can you baffle it or even just add a bend to the pipe to keep the wind from blowing right in? I noted the other suggestions for a flap, that might also help. Good luck.

It has been between negative and single digit temps here, but with my vent hose angling down to the vent and a louvered vent, the cold doesn’t seem to get up to the machine.