Hawaiian Koa wood update

Aloha all. Just wanted to say a quick thank you to all those who purchased some of our latest round of laser-ready Koa blanks. We’ve been feverishly packing boxes and are on our way to the PO tomorrow to drop everything off, so keep a weather eye out for your Koa sometime this coming week. And if anyone hasn’t had a chance to check it out, there are still plenty of Koa blanks available on the site, www.freedformhawaii.com/koa


Thank you for the link, I’ll be happily shopping soon. We made a couple of really awesome pens from this wood and it lasers like a dream. :heart:


My package showed up today. Looks great and I can’t wait to make a box with some of it.


Hope the scotch tape wasn’t too much of a pain in the okole to get off. Melted onto the wood on one of our steamy-hot Hawaiian afternoons. There’s still plenty of Koa available, so I’m going to e-mail a 20% off coupon code to everyone who’s already made a purchase, just in case there was a piece or two you were salivating over but couldn’t justify the expense. Mahalo for your support, we really appreciate it.