Hawaiian laser cut Christmas

Found this in our room upon return today…

Wishing all a wonderful holiday.


Wow that it’s a wonderful gift from the hotel :slight_smile:


Very cool!

We are back from our absolutely wonderful vacation! It had been 18 years since we last visited the islands and we are sorry it took so long. The kids took to snorkeling like they have been doing it all along and I figure we spent over 10hrs with our heads under water during the past two weeks. We could not have asked for a better vacation even though we started the trip with a 22 hour airline delay.

I had posted the laser cut ordainment attached to the cookie bag above during the trip. After that we started noticing just about every gift shop full of various laser cut items. I took a few photos of items the kids especially liked and plan to recreate for themselves once they have their hands on the Glowforge.


Very nice! :relaxed:

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Here are a few non-laser related photos from the trip that I particularly like.


NOW I’m jealous! Chuckle! :wink:


I really like your pictures. You have a great talent. :relaxed:


That is very kind… Photography is one of the things that makes me happy. I am always running to catch back up with the family as I stop to take some shots.


Great pictures! Thank you for sharing the beauty.




I love your pictures. What camera were you using?

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For the longest time I have had a Cannon T2i. I am only a hobby photographer so I never ventured into the prosumer or pro level gear. I recently upgraded to the T6i and really like the new sensor and touch screen.

I am not a fan of hauling around and swapping lenses so I really only use two. For travel I use a cheap do everything lens, the Cannon EFS 18-135mm. It covers most of the range I need and there are only a few times I wish for more zoom. When I am shooting portraits I have a Cannon 50mm prime that I love.

I have often wondered what real lenses and camera bodies would do, but I am very happy with my economical setup. My wife now uses the T2i in her classroom.


As long as you like your results then I would say you have the right camera! :smile: I’m still using a very old Cannon 10D. Granted my phone has a higher resolution now, but it’s a great example of how much optics can make a difference. If I’m going to be fair, my phone now takes 90% of my photos, just out of convenience, unless I’m on vacation and thinking, “Grab the big camera.”


they just make things easier. you can get 99% or more of the same shots with cheap equipment, you might just have to work a bit harder for it.

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Great photos! I’m going to have to show these to my wife this evening. She lived in Hawaii for a few years before we met.

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Really nice pictures. Sure beats the cold, cloudy, windy environment here in Detroit today.


If anyone is interested in taking a trip to another world (unless you live there already)…I have created an album I am calling “Just Plants”. These are of the various plant life we encountered on the trip. The biodiversity is pretty amazing. I could not put the camera down…

Hawaii - Just Plants


Fabulous images! Thanks for sharing your talent with us.