Hawk Quote Wall Art

My stepmother is an avid amateur photographer, and she specializes in birds of prey. This quote was perfect for her.

In order to use the full bed size while maintaining the orientation of the final art, I rotated the piece to print it at an angle (as evidenced by the grain direction of the Proofgrade Cherry Ply. In this case I think it works, but for some projects the off-angle grain would be a problem.


Very nice! I’m curious, what font are you using?

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What a wonderful gift! I’m really enjoying the ability to personalize my gifts to the recipient.


Did you do an inlay, or just engrave the border? Either way, looks nice! Well done.

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It looks like one I’ve used before called Magnolia Sky.


i love this here is a picture of a red tail hawk that comes around every now and then for a meal


Sorry; I was on vacation. The font is called “Hello Sweets”

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Thank you! :slight_smile: