Hazards of hanging out the washing!

Just a personal aside, I use a tiny amount of lavender oil to control the little hair I have left, but that might explain why I was set on by several honey bees while hanging out the washing this morning.
Beautiful day for it, bright sun, about 70F, gentle breeze, and all’s well, till bees wandering over my head, looking for the source !
When a wasp joined them, I decided to beat a hasty retreat.




Last Thursday I was at the gas pump and noticed a considerable number of bees flying around me and even into my car. Just then three kids walked up to the car next to me, one exclaimed, “Oh my God!”. Only then did I notice hundreds of honey bees crawling on their vehicle’s inside windows and across the seats. Apparently they were transporting bees and somehow the containers had fallen over.

After a few minutes of deliberation, they all got back in the car, rolled up the windows and drove away inside of a the moving bee hive.


Which brings to mind …

I am thinking Green Mead for St. Patrick’s day…


It also sounds like a great plot for a Murder Mystery. The Killer knows the person is violently allergic to bee stings, and gives them a gift of Lavender oil perfume…


… but has he overlooked that his intended victim has a laser…
Tune in next week folks, to watch the latest episode of… ‘The Lavender Hell Job’

OMG! That’s a side effect you’d rather not have, eh? :joy: