Head not found and the day Star

I had a heck of a time this morning with my Glowforge Pro. For about an hour I could not resolve the “head not found” error message. I tried everything, including making sure the belts were aligned and everything was cleaned.

And then I saw it - a beam of sunlight was hitting right where the camera is, so when the head was directly under the camera, the top of it was also being hit by the sun-beam which probably over saturated the sensor of the camera. However because there’s no “The Day Star, IT BURNS!” Error message, it posted Head not found.

I blocked the sun beam and the Glowforge was a happy laser cutter once again, ready to incinerate its enemies, sorry… materials.

So, if you see this message and all else fails, check for sunlight. You never know!


I have heard this before. Many of us have our :glowforge: in front of a window, and to much light can mess with the camera.


In front of a window where the shade is never drawn! Glad you figured it out @byron :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I keep a couple of large pieces of card stock by my GF for just that reason!


Good plan! I’m doing the same now.

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