Headphone holder realized


Remember that headphone holder I designed months ago in anticipation of the Glowforge?

Well, here it is in 1/8 proofgrade. I wish I had some 1/4" as I had to cut about 10 spacers to do this.

I didn’t want this to drag on so I picked up the first wood CA I’ve used and glued it up with that so It was finished in no time. I now realize I should have either engraved or cut a pattern in the lower plate area. I’ll get to ascetics at some point. :smile:

Here she is with the one I cnc’d sometime back

More GF greatness.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending March 4th, 2017
Mark's Learning Projects

Sweeeeeeet! :smile::hedgie::hedgie::hedgie:

(I need to make one of those…I just toss mine over the treadmill arm, and I’m always stomping all over the wires.)


That’s because they aren’t wireless.


Very nice, so professional looking! It looks like it required no finish work at all.


Didn’t! The proofgrade is prefinished.


My question is really…wouldn’t the stegosaurus be chasing down the triceratops ? oh btw love the headphone hangers.


Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal! LOL, fixed it.


Nice! I am loving this project!


Hey wait a minute. Did you get a pre release unit? I’m hoping so, but if someone made for you still cool. I made a similar one for my son using pvc pipe. But this design is much nicer.


Yep, he scored a prerelease! That’s his first project after the startup stuff. (Well, the first one he’s shown.) :relaxed:


I see a full scale wing rib on your wall. Are you building an airplane?


aw, man! Headphone holder. That’s item type #156,578 now on my list of “must make that on my GF” ! ahhhhh! :persevere: it looks great. :+1:


Heh, first picture I figured the first one was the original CNCd one and thought “I like that one better then the second one. Looks so nice must be store bought parts.” :smiley:


Yeah, you must have missed my first cut post. Scored one this week. I’m more than a little giddy. :squee:


No, I wish. I have owned several experimental planes through the years and want to build a PPG cart but the rib was just a class project in A&P school.


It’s so great to see that design come to life!