Headphone holder



Another Facebook post - we set it to public so you shouldn’t need to be logged in to see it.

I’m not smart enough to figure out how to link directly to a facebook post, but it’s on top here:

amazing work, @madebynick!


Well, that’s absolutely beautiful! insert inevitable request for close up shots


https://www.facebook.com/glowforge/photos/a.1585779618348660.1073741828.1541024312824191/1691512431108711/?type=3&theater for when that link is no longer relevant :smile:


see this is why I hire people smarter than me.


I like Nick’s project very much; it’s exactly why I was interested in the glowforge from the start. However, what I took away from Bailey’s post was: you’re going to move the Glowforge staff into a building that tried to kill all of you?

First decision that’s ever made me nervous about my decision to buy :sweat_smile:


Brave to the point of foolishness is the phrase I think you’re looking for.


For those who live to tell the tale it’s the attitude that moves the world forward.


I just saw this before popping over here. I like. I can see this as a tube amp in the middle with high impedance headphones…


Nick’s tube amp is currently next to the headphone stand, but perhaps that’s the thing to integrate next.


It’s glorious! And no glue, nails, screws—nothing?! I can’t WAIT to build stuff with this thing (and get my kids in on it too!)