Heads or Tails?



… or, What to do with your off-cuts?

So, I had the center from an escutcheon, and… :smiling_imp:


Nice. I say again, it is not scrap until you can’t imagine something out of it. I’ve started a couple of containers just for smalls.


Cuuuuuuuuute! :grin:


I’m rolling on the floor here, something about the li’l asterisk just hit me right in the sillys! :smiley:


Well, I’ve got :glowforge: coming as some point, and I have another manufacturer getting me into attempts at manual wood burning art to test out their pyrography pen. (The latter might be a trick, as I rate my artistic skills in the negative numbers on a scale of 1-100.) I suspect that there will be few scraps of wood small enough to not qualify for at least testing something.

I did buy some wood blanks and blank rounds for playing around with, too. With the :glowforge: those could also pull double-duty.


Now I’m pondering trying to freehand a :glowforge: logo bug on a round.


The tails side, scaled up and placed appropriately, would make quite an interesting escutcheon on its own!


That’s great! I love that you animated it for us. Makes it funnier!
So, my 8-year old son and I were talking over the weekend about lasering things. And he’s so damn smart sometimes it’s crazy. He brought up the fact that we should almost never throw away our scraps. That we’ll find something to do with it all. All I could say was “You’re absolutely right!”


omg…Too. Stinkin. Cute!!! :heart_eyes_cat:


Everybody needs a few cat butt coins! :laughing:


Yes! Meow Bucks!


One of the guys at a local reseller that I work with has a little disk with “TUIT” on it. His is 3D printed. He gives it out and says “Now you have no excuse” every time someone says “When I get around to it.”

Cue eye rolls.


We should print off a few for exchange with other Glowfamily at Maker Fairs and such.


Cat approves!


Let no scrap go to waste!