Headset repair


My headset broke, so I repaired it with the Glowforge.

:proofgrade: walnut ply on the outside and draftboard for the rest.

Now it works again.


Great job


Looks much nicer than the original too!




Wow! I am very impressed!


That’s thinking with your head!


Dang!! Thats pretty flipping fantabulous!!


Wow, such a nice build that I almost want to tear up a perfectly good set of headphones and see what I can do!


Me too! Even though I’m fairly certain mine would just end up duct taped back together.


Genius! Now I want one.


Wow! Better not let friends see these … they will all want them!


Very resourceful, sweet design too!


Really nice. Awesome job.


How heavy is it compared to the original?


I don’t even know what to say. My mouth is agape. Seriously, this is next level stuff! Love how it turned out!


It’s heavier now, but not too bad. Looking back, I could have made it a fair bit lighter with more hidden cutouts on the interior layers.


That is a beautiful design–what an upgrade!


Now I need headphones to break. :slight_smile: Fantastic job!


Very clever!


That’s just cool.