Hearing aid battery holder

I wear hearing aids in both ears, which take small and easy-to-lose size 312 batteries. These are button-like batteries about 8mm (0.3in) in diameter, and 3.5mm (0.14in) thick.

One of the problems with every pair of hearing aids I’ve ever owned is that they give you about a 30-minute warning of the battery dying, and then it will just turn off. As you can probably imagine, this is not very helpful :slightly_smiling_face: The boxes the batteries come in are bulky, and not particularly portable. Individual batteries easily fall out of pockets/wallets, get buried under other things, or lose the protective sticker that keeps them inert. (The batteries are air-activated, and start slowly losing charge if the sticker is removed.)

As a visual aid, here’s a AAA battery beside two hearing aid batteries (with and without the sticker), and the box they come in:

To make my life easier, I decided to make something more portable. I carefully measured, designed, and cut a small holder out of semi-frosted 3mm acrylic, capable of keeping 2-3 weeks’ worth of batteries close at hand.

It’s thin enough to fit into my wallet or the small pocket in a pair of jeans, and large enough to not easily get lost. The batteries themselves fit in snugly, making use of the slight tapering on the battery and the slight tapering from the laser to stop them just sliding through.

And finally, to give you a sense of scale, here’s a AAA battery beside the finished holder:

Magic :slightly_smiling_face:


Another super cool practical cut! Maybe you should market them.


Great practical solution!


Good solution. I also wear hearing aids, but my response was to buy rechargeable ones. Perhaps I could use your idea for my old pair that I use as backups. Thanks for posting this.


Pretty smart! Well done.


Wonderful practical cut!


I looked at this because my dad wears hearing aids. This is a fabulous idea!


Great thinking!!! Well done.

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Luckily my batteries come on a card that fits in my wallet.


Thanks! I’m considering offering some to my local audiologist, once I can see them in person again.

I looked at rechargeable ones, but I figured that I can buy hearing aid batteries pretty much anywhere in the world if I have to… and it would be nice to carry one fewer charger when travelling :slight_smile:

That’s very handy! What kind do you get, if you don’t mind me asking?


Wow! And the 312 is the size I use in mine!


You had me going at first when I saw the AAA battery. I immediately thought of the batteries that mine use and thought you must be using some really big hearing aids. Very nice holder that you made. :blush:

These are the batteries I use. They are supplied by my audiologist as part of my plan.

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practical cuts are the best cuts


Ah, I see! I had some like that when I first got my hearing aid, and after some digging around I even found an empty box:

For those who love specific numbers:

  • My holder is 45.8mm x 25.8mm x 3.0mm (or 3.8mm with batteries in place)
  • The card I dug out is 54.5mm x 49.3mm x 6.8mm (or 9mm if I include the plastic spikes at the back)

So I’m happy that my design is still useful for people like me who want to use minimal space :slight_smile:

Here’s the design without my little logo if anyone wants to make their own.


My concern with your holder is that the batteries may fall out easily. Batteries are toxic and toddlers (and dogs) love to put little things, shiny little things, in their mouth.

Audiologist in my prior life

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That’s a very good safety point. I know that some CR2032 coin cell batteries now have a very unpleasant (bitter?) coating to discourage this, and I wonder if that will extend to hearing aid batteries too.

I’m not hugely concerned about this in my situation because [a] I have no kids or pets, [b] the holder lives in my wallet, and [c] the batteries friction-fit into the holder. I can tap them (moderately gently) with the end of a small screwdriver and they don’t fall out. But it’s definitely something important to be aware of!