Heart Shaped Box (no, not Nirvana!)

I actually played around until I found that. Thank you.

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Nice Job! I think I purchased the same wood. I ordered 5/32" purebond birch plywood on line with HD. I’m so new to this and first time not using the GF wood. Can you tell me what settings to use please

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We can only discuss settings for non Proofgrade material in the Beyond the Manual section of the forum. Also, the OP states that the project was made with 1/4" materials whereas yours is closer to 1/8". Search the Beyond the Manual section for this material and you will find some settings that will be a good place to begin.

Here is a place to start: Determining new Cut Settings - #11 by stephen1


Not only that, but this design was not intended for 5/32" material, so even if you have the correct settings for your material, the pieces will not fit together.


This is correct. If this is made with different thickness wood, the joints won’t fit together right.

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It will not work with 5/32"

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