Hectic laser cutter

I think I need this. :smiley: https://i.imgur.com/ccaXg1i.webm


that’s super fast what are they lasering it with

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That is one of the most satisfying things I have ever watched.


The perks of a high wattage laser that has insane feed rates.

With that combo you can do things like this.


yeah i saw that the other day. fiber laser is fast!


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Very cool, I will be doing my M4 lower for sure.


Woah. Mind blown. Thanks!

Love it …WANT !

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I learning …I learning…I no haz the dumb today ! :confounded:

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Some of us are very good at that. Years of practice. Hah

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Very cool. At my old job we had a Fiber laser like that. They are so fast.

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I have no idea what a fiber laser is or what a lower receiver is, but I liked it all nonetheless.

The speed shown in these videos comes from more than just being a fiber laser. I believe they’re galvo-based systems. In that type of laser-marker the laser beam is bounced through two mirrors. Each mirror can be rotated very precisely and the combination of the rotation of the two mirrors allows the beam to be aimed at any point within a certain area. This means going from one edge of that area to the other only requires a small rotation of a mirror instead of moving a relatively large physical object many inches.

From what I’ve seen, galvo lasers are limited to “marking” (not cutting) because the angle that the laser strikes the material varies quite a bit, which means any cuts made with it would not have a square edge.

Some mirrors attached to galvos are shown at 0:55 in this video (and also in the thumbnail).

Another good shot is in this video starting at 5:42.


This further confirms my suspicion that the Glowforge is a bona-fide slippery-slope-rabbit-hole-to-even-bigger-toys-gateway-drug.

Does anyone know if there is a laser equivalent to the Hydraulic Press Channel (YouTube)?


I will be watching it if I find it. emphasized text

So, a channel where they just put random things in the laser and slice?

Isn’t that how Joshforge got messed up?:laughing:


This is awesome. Can anyone explain what’s going on in the second pass vs the first?

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I’m sure that mad Finn will end up cutting and slicing before long, may not be a laser, although he’s halfway there with his parabolic mirror.

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