Hello Everyone! Enjoy my projects!

Thank you very much for sharing your work!! These are nice!


OOoooooOOOoooo. Thank you! I love that walker ornament!


Thank you! Very generous of you!

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those are great. I love when others share.

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Thank you so much for the share. Such cool things!!

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It’s really nice of you to share. I’d just suggest that you remove files that have copyright infringment (i.e. Disney). They are against the TOS for the forum and specifically the free file area:


wow awesome!

This looks awesome but not sure how it goes together. Does it all stack together?

I made the star wars one- my 1st “living hinge”. I don’t think I put it together right? I put the one with the hanger in the middle and it comes out the top center hole and I need to glue the hinge together in a circle because it keeps popping off the nubs. If you get a chance can you put a picture of how it is supposed to look. I also changed the wording to HOTH national park :slight_smile:


what is this and how do you put it together?

I’m betting it’s a display box for the ornaments above - but it could be used for many things!

As far as how to put it together, hopefully this helps:


Yup. Pretty sure that’s the gift box for the Star Wars ornament.

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Busy! Thanks a lot! Living in FL people expect Disney stuff. I’ll have to try those!

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Am I missing the file?

How do I get this file? THANK YOU FOR SHARING

Right click on an element that looks llike a line drawing - that is the file. Save as svg to your computer.


I wish there was a picture of the finished product!

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Do you have a pic of this all done and put together please.

Thanks for sharing

What is this?