About the Free Laser Designs category


This is for sharing laser designs for feedback! All new topics should include a file. Your design will be licensed as follows:

By posting a creative work (“User Content” under the Terms of Service) anywhere on the Glowforge community site community.glowforge.com:

  1. You represent that you are the sole and exclusive owner of all rights to this work.
  2. You grant Glowforge and members of this forum a nonexclusive license:
    a) To use and modify this work for noncommercial purposes.
    b) To post modifications to this forum.
    c) To share physical objects made from these works with others, as long as there is no compensation, financial or otherwise.
  3. You retain the right to grant other licenses to other people as you see fit.

No right is granted to share this work or modifications to it outside this forum.

By using a creative work posted by another forum member, you agree not to share that work or your modifications outside this forum, or to use the work or your modifications for any commercial purposes. You also agree that you will share physical objects made from these works with others only as long as there is no direct or indirect compensation, financial or otherwise, in exchange.

About the category
Thank you so much for offering to share your designs with the community! This category is for Glowforge owners to get feedback on their laser designs. For that reason, new topics in this category must include a file that is being prepared for printing. It’s OK for it to be very rough and doesn’t need to be tested - just as long as it’s your design and you don’t mind sharing.

Please keep one project per post. That means if you reply, it should be related to the original design - either comments on it or a modification to it. And please keep replies helpful and polite, as everyone here always does.

Note that if you post your own design here, you’re welcome to do anything else with it too: share it on other sites, sell it, or (eventually) submit it to the Glowforge catalog. It’s still yours.

Board Gamer Coasters
Pop Up Valentines Card
Pop Up Valentines Card

Question: What’s the policy on posting samples here using modified ideas gleaned from online sources? (With Attribution of course.)

For instance, you see a cool shape that you like and want to turn into a cutting board or something, but you didn’t create the original shape. You did re-create it and modify it to fit your purposes. Should we post them here or not? (This is a private board to just to obtain input, not sell product, but people are remarkably touchy about copyright these days.) Can we post them?

Dr. Evil would be proud?!

This looks awesome! You might want to make this a new thread in this category.

Edit: Nevermind, you already did.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, just figured that out…thanks Joe. :flushed:


Awesome! I’m very excited to see what people post.
Now I actually have to design something. :scream_cat:


Nope - still locked out. And I got a 502 Bad Gateway code when I first tried to load the new topic, although it loaded without the pictures the second time I tried.

Yeeesh! :neutral_face:


This is a fine thread to ask questions, since every new post in this category must be a new design. You can also ask questions in Q&A.

You can’t violate copyright or trademark, but since I’m not a lawyer, I can’t tall you what that means. From a practical standpoint, if there’s something I can tell (e.g. a famous mouse or superhero) or if someone complains then we’ll take action.


Thanks, that’s exactly what I had in mind! (We did finally come to the conclusion that it was okay to actually say “Disney characters”, we just couldn’t try to duplicate them.) :smile:


@dan is it OK if we share designs featuring the GlowForge logo? I have some ideas for samples and test pieces for 3D engraving for others to mess around with if they like, but wanted to run this past you before doing anything.


Funny you should ask - after some great suggestions here, @bailey has been working on something with our lawyers so we can OK use of our logo.


Can you clarify if you only want designs produced on a glowforge or on any lasercutter? And, for filetype, .svg? Thanks!


This category is for Glowforge owners to get feedback on their laser designs.
So, designs to be produced on the glowforge, many of which would probably be applicable to other lasers.


Yes - as JBV said, it should be printable on a Glowforge. You can use whatever filetype you prefer; SVG is a great choice.


Seems like as good a place to put this question as any, but if one were to share a file in the free laser design category and wanted to give up all rights to it, can they legally label it as public domain? Or any other CC license, for that matter?

I could see a use for a Creative Commons icon that defaults to Attribution-NonCommercial (CC4), and then if the post originator wants to change it they have to tick the desired radio button. That may be beyond the forum software though;p


“They?” If one shares something for free there is no implied license… it’s already in the public domain.


“They” as in the singular person that would like to dedicate the work that they own the creative rights to, to be free use by any entity. According to the first post in this thread, and pretty much all the legal info from Glowforge, including the catalog (currently), anything posted is not public domain, it is CC4, meaning give attribution and share, no sell. Technically, this is not a free culture license.

Public domain for Creative Commons would be CC0, or “… if you are a holder of copyright or database rights and you wish to waive all your interests, if any, in your work worldwide.” This is a free culture license.

For anyone interested in learning more about the different licenses https://creativecommons.org/

By this logic, I can visually copy and sell any creative item that I see in person or online. There are many artists that make a living off Etsy or Redbubble selling their designs on t-shirts, prints, or pins that find that their designs have been reproduced by large companies like Urban Outfitters. By the reasoning that if it is shared it is automatically public domain, Urban Outfitters is legally allowed to steal the intellectual property of these artists with no remuneration or attribution.

As an artsy-fartsy sculptor and a college grad, intellectual property and attribution is a huge deal. I mention the college stuff only because of the immense pressure never to plagiarise, intentionally or unintentionally, with the risk of auto-failing a course or getting kicked out of school. It has been thoroughly beaten into my mind to always give correct citations when you can find them, and the closest thing to it if you can’t. As an artist, there is a continual push-and-pull of finding inspiration from others work, and other people remixing or straight copying yours. Laser cutting makes it even easier to copy a design, and the struggle to constantly innovate or be left behind with the copiers is one of the trials of being successful as a maker of things.

Regardless of any license, if you don’t have the time or money to sue [someone, a business] for stealing your intellectual property, it may be easier to just dedicate it to the public domain, and keep creating and producing. That is my take on it, and since that keeps the designs as free culture to riff on, I see it as feeding into the culture machine that I draw inspiration back out of.

Sorry for the long and detailed post, but it is an ethic snarl that I have put a lot of thought and debated with others about many times. ;p


Sorry… I misworded a little. What I meant was if somebody specifically posts it in the “Free Laser Designs” section there is no implied license… They are already specifically posting it as being free. And that’s the question you asked.

I’ve never seen somebody post a design on Etsy that they want to charge for and call it “Free.” So, no, you can’t take something from Etsy that somebody is charging for. Not really sure how you got there.


Ah yes, the crux of the problem.

By default, anything posted in the “Free Laser Designs” section is assigned the license of CC4, Attribution-NonCommercial, which is not the same as “Free” or Public Domain.

My question is, if I post a design, is it okay/allowed by Glowforge to specify that I wish the design to be Public Domain instead of CC4. As in, I relinquish all rights to it, go ahead and make to sell if you wish.


I believe it is your right to declare anything you’d like (within the forum guidelines).


And the forum guidelines indicate exactly what license is being granted by publishing the design in the forum.