About the Free Laser Designs category

This is for sharing your laser designs! All new topics should include a file attachment.

By posting a creative work (“Community Content” under the Terms of Service) anywhere on the Glowforge community site community.glowforge.com:

  1. You represent that you are the sole and exclusive owner of all rights to this work.
  2. You grant Glowforge and members of this forum a nonexclusive license:
    a) To use and modify this work for noncommercial purposes.
    b) To post modifications to this forum.
    c) To share physical objects made from these works with others, as long as there is no compensation, financial or otherwise.
  3. You retain the right to grant other licenses to other people as you see fit.

No right is granted to share this work or modifications to it outside this forum.

By using a creative work posted by another forum member, you agree not to share that work or your modifications outside this forum, or to use the work or your modifications for any commercial purposes. You also agree that you will share physical objects made from these works with others only as long as there is no direct or indirect compensation, financial or otherwise, in exchange.

About the category
Thank you so much for offering to share your designs with the community! This category is for Glowforge owners to get feedback on their laser designs. For that reason, new topics in this category must include a file that is being prepared for printing. It’s OK for it to be very rough and doesn’t need to be tested - just as long as it’s your design and you don’t mind sharing.

Please keep one project per post. That means if you reply, it should be related to the original design - either comments on it or a modification to it. And please keep replies helpful and polite, as everyone here always does.

Note that if you post your own design here, you’re welcome to do anything else with it too: share it on other sites, sell it, or (eventually) submit it to the Glowforge catalog. It’s still yours.