Hello Everyone! My next Christmas ornament

Hello Everyone!

Just a little inspiration for your morning. This is my first test…I think it came out good. How much would you sell this for on Etsy? Thanks


Nice piece but Christmas already. I can’t help you with pricing. I am a great grandfather who gives everything away - like Santa.


A beautiful piece and great technique but if sold on Etsy you have to make sure that the design does not reference anything Disney especially on Etsy as they are well known to be vigorous in going after folk who use their images. As personal use of gifts there is no problems.

That said other non Disney stuff could do well as not tree decorations, but things to put on walls or hang in windows until October. As for prices I would explore Etsy for the prices of similar items to get a feel for the range you need to be in.


Hello. Thank you for your input. I’ll give you update if anything happens. Thanks :blush:

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Are you asking for a price on the design or on the actual completed ornament? These are completely different price models… Making the final product is a significant amount of labor, you can figure out what your cost basis has to be to make it worth your time by backing into how long it took you and your hourly rate.

As for the design file? As with anything Disney related I would be careful about trying to provide designs that are based on their intellectual property. They’ve been known to go after a very small creators who use their characters. I can’t say for sure whether they would do that for someone who is making complete ornaments versus somebody who is selling design files, I would just proceed carefully either way.


Yeah…it’s beautiful, but I wouldn’t risk trying to sell it, even if I didn’t care about intellectual property rights.


I applaud your craftsmanship. Please do not try to sell someone else’s intellectual property, even a bullying behemoth like Disney.


Thank for your input…keep in mind this is selling on Etsy.

Please click on the link:

Etsy isn’t a license to ignore IP law, just because other people are selling these things doesn’t mean it’s right either. Disney is notorious for going after both little guys and big guys.

Here’s Etsy’s own IP policy for sellers:


I understand but I had a experience with a item being taken off on Etsy. It happened fast and it was explained to me that the company requested it to be removed and Etsy complied. They just took it off for sale and asked me not to put it up again and I complied. I could alway make Elsa inspired ornament :smiley::+1:t2: Thanks for everyone input

This is a test. I had put the snowflakes in the center knowing that the glue was drying. But when I put the Dow…I moved the ornament on it’s side and the snowflakes got caught on the glue. Next time I’ll do better.

If they have to ask again they might close your shop. Just a warning…


But is it really worth making $20 an ornament is they sue you for copyright infringement? Harley Davidson has done the same thing, I have seen it up close. A friend who bought a business from a guy who had bought a lot of HD signs and said he had permission---- all of the signs were confiscated, $10,000 fine and she spent 2 days in jail trying to figure out what to do. So you need to ask yourself, is it really worth it? Sell them at craft fairs and anywhere not digital.


No worries…I decided to buy a clip art file of Elsa and use that instead. Thank you everyone for helping with my shop. Thanks :blush:

Wow, very nice !!!

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