Hello Stained, meet unstained!

So there has been discussion on laser-safe wood finishes and lasering finished woods. I will leave that discussion to another conversation already in the forums. Suffice it for here that caution is HIGHLY advised.

Just wanted to show you what high speed, low power does on stained wood. All these were done in several passes, for various reasons. You burn away stained wood without darkening the wood underneath.

Then I put a little oil and wax on it to prep for hanging it on my wall.

2 other samples:



Great look! What species are you using here?

Some woods darken a lot with engraving, others not so much. If you try this with cork you’ll end up with black engraves on stained background… mahogany also goes dark with the slightest lasering, as well as purpleheart, bubinga, and others.

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I especially like the effect with the tree.


Mostly pine/oak.

Those woods that you’ve said always go darker, what is the lowest power you’ve run at full speed?

That’s a good question, and I don’t know. Can’t really talk about non PG settings in the category anyway.

that’s really spectacular. I’ve been looking at tree designs to put over a birthday calendar hanging and have the roots come into the hanging tags for the birthdays. This really gives me some inspiration.

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Oooooo, that’s a nice effect! I’m really gonna have to try it.


This looks like something we have to try now.


Love the tree … Nice work … Thank you for sharing your results.

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