Hello World (beta project)



Hey all,

As per the user manual, I thought I’d throw my “hello world” design in here. I cut it out of acrylic so it would cast a shadow, and I have a few ideas using the same concept which I’ll finalize and upload here later. Here you are:

The Manual

Editor’s note: Chris (like @jkopel) has been asked to focus on doing cool stuff with the hardware and not answering questions here. I, however, am always happy to do so!


Welome from “the shadows” Chris (@cgunderson) congrats! Look forward to seeing more posts from you !


Woot Woot! Thank you for sharing, Oh Fearless User!


This is a perfect way to start my day. A cup of coffee and proof there are more beta users out there.


Wow, totally awesome! I love that you made something specifically to cast a shadow. Welcome to Beta, so glad to see another one!


Ha! Love it!


Congrats and enjoy

Looking forward to see your mussing’s


Congrats. Interesting. The company must have gotten to know cgunderson through an internal relationship. jkopel was an early very active member with unique qualifications (and also local).


Congratulations & welcome! We all look forward to what you share with us.


Awesome! Welcome to the glass menagerie. (Be prepared for some mighty intense scrutiny…chuckle.)

Love the little dino! :relaxed:


Q: What is the primary objective of a beta user?

A: Try your best to make the Glowforge NOT work. :smile:

Congrats! :thumbsup:


Whoop whoop!! Another Beta User! Welcome @cgunderson !


Yay! Congrats on your selection as a Beta user, @cgunderson, looking forward to seeing the cool things you coax from our coveted future tool!


Or else his beta application showed a unique qualification for whatever they wanted to test.


Welcome! Looking forward to your contributions! :sunglasses:


The number of (known) Beta users just doubled!


Yay! Congrats Chris for making the beta team cute little fellow you made there.


Another Beta in the wild. I love it. Hope to see many projects come from it.


Exponential beta growth. (And then there were four.) :slight_smile: