Hello World


Well, my Glowforge is up and operational, it is named Wayland, after the old Norse,Germanic, and Anglo Saxon Master Smithy. This is was my first quick cut, very happy, may not sleep.


Woot! The GF presence is getting stronger here in Texas!


Welcome to you and Wayland!


Sleep is way overrated and mostly enjoyed by those who cannot bask in the AWESOMENESS of laser light!:sunglasses:


Congratulations! @jimstock60 :smiley:

I’m sure I will be the same when mine finally comes.


I’m saving vacation days… ha!




Yay! So happy for you. Now go forth and pew pew all the things!


Yahooo! Patience is rewarded!


Also the source material for this short film made by Unity to show off their rendering capabilities. For those interested, this was rendered in real time in-engine.

PS: don’t piss off Wayland.


Yippee-ki-yi-Yaaaaaaaay! :cowboy_hat_face:


Another day or two and I’ll get to experience that joy. Congrats!!!