Hellraiser Puzzle Box

You can also get 2-color acrylic where you engrave on gold to reveal black. That is probably easier to use than the foil.

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Thanks for the tips. I think I want to try wood first.

So is the masking paper the same as painters tape, but wider? Or…?

This is what I use:

The first roll I bought was smaller (I think it was 100’) but it worked really well and was the size I needed. So the next time I purchased it I went for the larger roll.


Neat, will have to find out in the EU how to word/get this :slight_smile:

It is just really thick masking tape. But I think any tape for Vinyl transfer should work as long as it is paper tape.

(The “Vinyl” part in the description usually scares people, but that is just the common use. It doesn’t have any Vinyl in it.)

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Thats the problem, when I amazon on Spain, all “transfer paper” renders vinyl tape no matter what :frowning: