Hellraiser Puzzle Box

Here’s a little project I’ve always wanted to make. The original Lemarchand puzzle box from Hellraiser. The box is gold laser foil over black acrylic. The box is shown next to a smaller prototype and a Pinhead Pop figurine. I hope that I don’t let out any Cenobites.


Link to source for gold laser foil is https://www.jpplus.com/6-x-25-engravable-laser-foil

Some svg files to get you started https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ammqLB5gmJCMGnTUFzL0y80GDYnxMZRz


Those look amazing! I really to get my comfort level up in inkscape and associated software. Thanks for sharing!

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Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the files! :grinning:

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FYI, 4 inches is probably too big for the box. I would probably redesign the box for 3 to 3.5 inches. I would use the boxes.py box generator to make a closed box and the “Lament Faces.svg” vector file in my google link to redesign the box slightly smaller.

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I really like the look of that gold foil on black acrylic—such nice contrast.

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This is awesome, added to my “make this” list! :smiley:

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You just solved a problem I’ve been thinking about for days. That lazerfoil is PERFECT. Thank you!


Been hanging on to some Hellraiser art for a looong time… this is on my list too.

We have such sights to show you!

Very cool finish! Thank you for sharing your files.

That is wicked cool!

Very nice design!

Oh how fun! Love the movies! What an awesome project!

now this… is awesome! thanks for sharing

Hi I have a few questions about the hellraiser box that you made. Im wanting to make for for my 78 year old mother in law for her birthday. What thickness did you use for the acrylic? Also would you mind sharing the setting that you use for make this? Thank you

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That looks really slick. I like the laser foil. I might need to get some of that!

The OP’s last post in the forums was in 2019. So, I’ll jump in with suggestions:

That looks like “medium” or 1/8” thick acrylic. It should cut with “medium acrylic” Proofgrade settings.

For the foil, a bunch of people have used that. You’ll want to look in the Beyond the Manual section, the only place settings are allowed on the forums. The first search result seems to have settings:


I hope that helps. Good luck!


You should know that Trotec tells a lot of metallic engravable materials, including gold that can be engraved to reveal black. It would be another way to do a project like this. It’s probably easier than using laser foil, too.

For example:

I think they have some stuff that is even thinner, like a sticker.

Unfortunately it can be hard to get their stuff a sheet at a time, they are not geared to support hobbyists.

Gravotech has some similar stuff and I have ordered a sheet or two from them in the past.

Good luck with the project… hard to imagine a 78 year old MIL who digs Hellraiser but I love it!


Hello all and thanks to the OPr for this.

I wanted to make a gift for a fan of the series but i’m a bit… “puzzled”? lol

Is there any stepbystep to complete a full puzzle out of this?

If I understood it right, OP used acrylic. Wouldn’t wood be cooler for this project, like in the movies?

I’m also lost at how to use the gold foil/engraving thing to achieve the final look. Any clues will be appreciated.


The laser foil comes in thin adhesive sheets that you press onto the wood or acrylic before lasering. (Also a good idea to put a layer of paper masking on top if you don’t want a mess.)

And make sure you buy laser safe foil - it’s really just a plastic film but you want one without PVC.

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