Hellraiser Puzzle Box


Here’s a little project I’ve always wanted to make. The original Lemarchand puzzle box from Hellraiser. The box is gold laser foil over black acrylic. The box is shown next to a smaller prototype and a Pinhead Pop figurine. I hope that I don’t let out any Cenobites.


Link to source for gold laser foil is https://www.johnsonplastics.com/engraving/engraving-supplies/laser-foils

Some svg files to get you started https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ammqLB5gmJCMGnTUFzL0y80GDYnxMZRz


Those look amazing! I really to get my comfort level up in inkscape and associated software. Thanks for sharing!


Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the files! :grinning:


FYI, 4 inches is probably too big for the box. I would probably redesign the box for 3 to 3.5 inches. I would use the boxes.py box generator to make a closed box and the “Lament Faces.svg” vector file in my google link to redesign the box slightly smaller.


I really like the look of that gold foil on black acrylic—such nice contrast.


This is awesome, added to my “make this” list! :smiley:


You just solved a problem I’ve been thinking about for days. That lazerfoil is PERFECT. Thank you!


Been hanging on to some Hellraiser art for a looong time… this is on my list too.

We have such sights to show you!


Very cool finish! Thank you for sharing your files.


That is wicked cool!


Very nice design!


Oh how fun! Love the movies! What an awesome project!