Help achieving this effect?

Hey guys!! I have a customer asking about how this effects could be made (without doing it by hand or using a vinyl cutter in bulk. I suggested a stencil and paint…
Any ideas?

Did you mean to include a picture?

Sure did! Lol

I’d say a stencil or maybe even a stamp.

@jbv showed some dark leather-like material that reveals a gold color underneath when lasered


if it’s like the stuff from johnson plastic, it has a leather like finish, but it’s not very thick or stiff. much more flexible than leather.

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Look up “hot foil stamping”

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This method would probably work, too.

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On my phone screen it looks like it could be a traditional screen-print, but I can’t really tell what the product/material is.

Looks like CNC embroidery with gold thread on denim to me.

I thought it looked like a plywood box based on the grain. The comments from Instagram indicated its a box of some sort.

Closed areas like the “O” would be a problem for a stencil.