Engraved leatherette notepad cover

This is the 9 1/2" X 12" Black/gold Laserable Leatherette Portfolio With Notepad from JDS Industries. It is a black leatherette that reveals gold when laser-engraved. JDS is an awards/engraving/signage industry-only supplier and does not do direct retail sales, but for those of you with a business/resale license they could be worth a look.


Oooh! Nice! :slightly_smiling_face:

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That looks cool. How much are they (if you don’t mind me asking)?

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Very nice. It reminded me to post the notepad cover I made last week using JP fake leather.


That stuff really engraves beautifully :star_struck:


They don’t cost too much. I can’t post the price I paid, but I can say that I would feel fine selling these, etched on one side, for around $25-30.


Gosh, that gold really looks nice! A great item to add to your offerings.


Thanks. :slight_smile: After asking I looked around to see if they were sold elsewhere and found a few options. I’ll tuck the idea away for when I need it!


Hey, my best friend’s dad sent me one of those! He just sent it to me without a note or anything, so I had put my logo on it, then when I sent him a pic, that’s when he decided to tell me it was supposed to be for him :rofl:


Hah! Looks good, though!

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Also, I think there’s a lesson in there about asking (and saying please) when you want a favor!


This is true! He’s like a second dad, and actually gave me access to his JDS account. I haven’t taken him up on it, yet, but I will eventually. I’ve looked through the catalogs and there is some seriously cool stuff in there!


I can’t wait to see 'em at the NBM convention in Phoenix on Friday. It’s interesting to see the products “in person”. Plus seeing all the other lasers at the show (Universal, Epilog, trotec will all be there displaying).


I saw them at NBM Sacramento, and snagged a bunch of coaster samples. Nice to be able to dial in settings on freebies.


Really engraves nicely!

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Looks like I know what my second order from them is going to consist of now.

Can you tell me what your setting were to achieve the gold to come through I have keychains and
I have not been successful yet on the key chains as of yet

What settings did you use if you don’t mind me asking?

I can’t put the settings in this post, per forum rules.

Enough people have asked me at this point that I finally made a BTM post with my settings here:


Awesome thank you. What did you set your material setting as or did you do the custom material?