Help! Anyone around San Jose with a machine I could borrow time on?

I promised my nephew that I would create a cake topper for his wedding on Oct 31st. But my Glowforge is not connecting at all. I’ve been through 3 or 4 rounds with Support trying to get it to reconnect. But I have generalized anxiety at the best of times, so not being able to cut his wedding topper is driving me crazy.

Is there anyone in the South Bay Area with a Glowforge who can help me out? I have the .svg files for 3 different versions ready. But I need use of a machine.

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Does it have to be local? you can send any of us the file, we cut it and mail it, and you’re all set?

Also there may be a joann’s in SF? Maybe an option if nothing else is working out…


Or a Michael’s. New partnership.


Hummmm… Joanns, where they have tones of fuzzy soft rolls of fabric you can wrap yourself in and no one judges you?..or Michaels, where they have lindor truffles at the cash register and for sure judge you for eating them all…

Not speaking from experience or anything :slight_smile:


That is an excellent idea, since no one seems to be close, and my Joanne’s does not have any machines in place. I’m still working with Support to try and get my machine reconnected, but it hasn’t happened yet.

I need them cut from black acrylic. I’ve got 3 files of the same cake topper, one solid, one open, and one solid with scoring. If someone would be willing to cut for me and mail them to me, I’d be more than happy to compensate for time and material! Or with other designs I’ve created.

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I will do it for sure! I always am happy to help out. I have a fresh sheet of 12x12 1/8" black acrylic on hand and am teleworking tomorrow. I can certainly print and ship your order :slight_smile:

I’m in Mountain View and happy to help now that I’m back from vacation :slight_smile: If you haven’t already set something up with @MyDogsThinkImCrazy, let me know.

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Thanks! But I already worked something out with @MyDogsThinkImCrazy.



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