Help cut face shield pieces for California's Central Valley?

Hi all, I am planning to make ear savers, but I also joined the Print to Protect Coalition, a group in the Central Valley working to make PPE for healthcare and other workers in the region. They got a generous donation of PETG from Coca-Cola, and I’m helping cut the face part of the face shields on my Glowforge. However, there aren’t very many of us doing this. If any of you are nearish to Stockton and can help out, please head over to and fill out the quick form, and someone will get in touch with you very quickly. Thank yoU!

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I filled out the form but hit a dead-end at the last page. I’m in Tulare County and the closest city to me is Merced. Would love to help out but I’m a mom of two toddlers so not able to drive far out. I hope others from Central Valley respond to your call! I would love to help out and if there’s another way for me to do so that you can think of, please let me know.

I am in Florida so no help there but I just designed a face shield that works with a pair of glasses and thus super simple…


I’m sorry you ran into problems with the form! I know they’re working on upgrading the website. I’m going to suggest you email the coordinator of the lasercutting efforts directly at It’s possible something can be worked out transportation-wise. I’m in Oakland and mailing my face shield pieces in USPS flat-rate boxes, in fact.

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