Help engraving crumbtray



how can I get a ruler engraved on to the side bars of my crumbtray? I want to use this with machine passthrough material, and dont really see a way to get a good result any other way.


Use Proofgrade veneer. Or veneer with an adhesive backing.


Tape/glue one on


OMG!!! that is an amazing idea!!! this is why thay pay you the big bucks :wink: … Oh… Wait a sec…


Ready to be mindblown?


ok, next question… I have never under stood how to measure corner roundness (example: a raspberry pi 3 b+ has 3mm rounded corners.) how do I go about this?


nvm as soon as hit reply yours showed and just… WOW … I continue to amaze myself. I am a special kind of speshal.


The “roundness” is the radius of a circle that fits the lines that create the corner… tiny radius would just break the corner, where as a 2" radius is very curved corner (I know there’s a better GD&T definition, but years since I had to study that & read engineering drawings). Easy when I can use templates when hand cutting or the radius function in CorelDraw making a file for the GF to cut!


ok, I can understand that. TY