Help engraving marshmallows

No wonder I’ve not seen them before–I avoid that Mart! Will check others… or the giant A (esp. if is a regional thing & not in B&M stores in my area). Tar+get has them in stock & can order on line.

:slightly_smiling_face: most if the grocery chains here in CT have them too. In the candy aisle. Or end cap displays for 'smores kits.

But you guys have lobster rolls–not something found in this corner of the states! (WA). Have only seen the “normal” cylinder shapes with Smore’s displays–apart from pricy hand made ones (usually too fat for GF) or easter shapes. Or Peeps. Aisles of Peeps.

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Since I do make my own marshmallows I suppose I’ll have to experiment with FluffGrade™ settings…


I’m hosting a small gathering of friends for a Glowforge Workshop as a fundraiser for an event I do every summer. I decided to make them all a custom “I can’t recommend you eat this” cookie. :)!

These are gingersnaps from Whole Foods, obviously they aren’t uniform in texture, but I used :
.35" Height
Manual Engrave


Well, what did they taste like? :yum:

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tfw you find perfect marshmallow settings

Definitely have to adjust the height of the bed. I remove the bed and stack extra materials about an inch high. The marshmallows are ~0.75 inches on top of that.

Set the material height to .25", the engraving depth to .125" , speed to 200 and power to twenty. Tastes great and makes the room smell heavenly.


they were good. they did taste kinda like burnt cookies just near the engraving, but everyone ate them! :stuck_out_tongue:


We just tried this, and used the settings Power 300, Speed 72. This scored letters crisply, without melting too much into the mallow.