Help engraving marshmallows

I am wanting to engrave some marshmallows with a logo to give as a gift for some of my clients but didn’t know the settings I should use. I haven’t used my Glowforge for any food items yet.
Has anyone successfully engraved marshmallows?
If so, what settings did you use?

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Haven’t tried, but I’m intrigued. But besides getting a jig (too tall to fit on crumb tray), and the not unpleasant smell of burnt sugar, am envisioning FLAMING marshmallows.

If someone has done it successfully–really cool. Very low power/high speed?

But given how easily they catch fire when making smores (at least for me), can only fear any extended lasering time may get very messy…

I have no idea about any settings…I’ve never done it. As an aside though, seems like a marshmallow might be a little too tall to do that. Are you prepared to do all the setting up to do it without the crumb tray in? Personally, I don’t think I’d want anything that flammable and that sticky in mine, but you may be successful.

There are some articles out on the web on this topic. This one is from a blog I enjoy from time to time:

A quick google search on “laser etch marshmallow” can give you more inspiration on a starting point.


Long time ago, @henryhbk lasered some Peeps. He might remember the settings he used (although that might have been with a PRU, so they might not be the same now…) .


I keep seeing this ad from Glowforge with etched marshmallows on Facebook…someone should know…lol


That’s what I thought! I assumed if Glowforge was using it as advertisement then somebody had figured out the tricks and settings for pulling it off. I had the same concerns as the comments above and didn’t really want to burn some marshmallows in my GF.

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I wouldn’t be immensely worried about them catching fire. I mean, we can finesse the power down and up the speed to barely even mar paper or transfer tape. The good thing is that marshmallows are cheap. I’d probably go full speed, power 6-7 and see what happens.


If I were to try to engrave 'shmellos, I would probably try it with these wide flat ones:


Looks like that’s what they used in the video on Facebook

Couldn’t tell if they used StackerMallows, or S’moreMallows.


Well that’s silly…arent they the same? Maybe different sizes?? Lol

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You may have to take one for the team, and do some taste-testing. Someone has to do it.


Well, I’ll be…just shows my age…I had no idea that marshmallows came in squares/ ones specially made for S’mores. Sheesh!


What?! I have never seen square flat marshmallows. Cool!

Happy cake day!


Tested some out today with the S’moremallows and has some fun results. The most difficult part ended up being that each mallow is a slightly different height between .5-1 inch, but since the burn needs to be so precise it made things tricky. Overall, it is pretty simple to engrave more bold letters or logos but smaller font (like the picture atrached) gets a little harder to read.

The most success I had today was with 300 speed/24 power/450 dpi
I bet it can get even better with different settings, but it could just take a while depending on the intricacy of the design.



Cool–so glad it works!
Now to shop for flat marshmallows!

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The Mart of Walls has them :slightly_smiling_face: