Help font

can anyone help me find the name of this font I have been looking for it like crazy

Have you tried using What The Font? They do a decent job of deciphering fonts.


What game is it? That’ll help with finding. As it’s a title, it may not exist as a font, it may have been created just for that.

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Its not exactly a game but a buisness card

yeah, that could be a font, but it’s also possible it was a font that was manually distressed. there are so many random distressed fonts out there, it would be hard to nail it down.

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Ah, yeah, I don’t see any that match exactly so I’m leaning toward it being designed just for that.

I’d dig through stencil fonts to find one that gives you the right shapes and then you can distress it on whatever you’re lasering. Certainly not an easy answer :frowning:

My vote is that it is indeed a font. The "F"s are the same. If someone was going to distress the image they would have done it to the whole design and not to each individual letter.

Good luck finding a match, it still may have stretched, squashed, and skewed.

Tell your client that if they can’t provide the original art, than you can design them a new brand.

Not exactly the same, but close.



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