Help-I cannot union a text image and a circle shape

I am trying to create a circle with words inside. I created the text and turned it into an svg image. I followed the instructions at this link Lasercut Earrings W Inkscape and Glowforge : 6 Steps - Instructables and no matter what i do, when I union the circle and the text, they do not union. i’ve been trying to figure this out for 3 days, can anyone help me out here.

The only thing I am doing different from the instructions is that I am importing a test image instead of an image, when I use an image, it works flawlessly.

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Because you’re saying union I suspect you’re an inkscape person but really for anyone to help you we’ll probably need to see your file.

If it’s Inkscape be sure you’ve ungrouped the text paths before unioning, you can’t Union a group and a path/object.

Anyway, upload the file if you’re still having problems.


You cannot union text - you must turn text into a path before you can union. That step isn’t in the Instructables because their art isn’t text.


Without looking at the details and based on the previous comments, I would suggest trying this: Select your text. Go to Type (in the top menu) and click on “Create Outlines”
Then try to unite them after that.


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