Help. If I own a Basic Glowforge already and want a Pro Model could I get the $500 off?

Just curious Thanks!!

I don’t think you can use your own referral code, but you can definitely use someone else’s. :slight_smile:


No. It does not apply to existing customers.

Individuals or companies that are already customers of Glowforge do not qualify as Connected Customers under the Program.

Can a friend buy one for you? :wink:

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I never used a discount for the first one!

Pretty sure Dan said we could do this, but let me go hunt it down to make sure I’m remembering correctly…

EDIT: Corrected myself in next message… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ah, yes, THIS was the loophole. Your spouse, SO, etc. can buy one as a first-time customer and use a referral code.


Here we go: “First purchase FOR EACH PERSON.”



I am still confused on this referral thing! I can’t find my code to try and use, I don’t think I ever got one from when I ordered my Basic model! I want the Pro but I feel it would be cool if Glowforge would be so kind and save me $500 off my Pro model!! Any Help wood be Awsome! Thanks!!

You can’t use your own code, and you can’t get a referral code discount more than once. So if you already used one to get your basic, you can’t use one on your pro.

You may be able to have your spouse buy the new one in their name and use a referral code for that, based on the discussion up above, but I can’t guarantee anything. :slight_smile:

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The easiest way (for me, anyway) to find your referral code is to click on the little gift icon at and scroll down – there will be a text box with your referral code in it, like this:

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I see that code in the box, but where do I put that in at to get the discount, I never used a discount on my Basic model! Thanks again for your help!

Just use that link to go to the page to buy one – it gets applied automatically, but you can’t use your own code. You might need to get one from someone else, since that code is associated with your name/account.

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