Help in customizing ear savers

Aloha from Hawaii. I apologize but I need help desperately. I just got my glowforge yesterday. I have committed to making 3,000 ear savers for our State Rotary. I am a complete newbie with Inkscape., and to top it all off my wife’s brother passed away on the east coast and we need to travel back there on Tuesday.

Is there anybody that could help me with removing the glowforge information on the earsavers and insert “Donated by Rotary Clubs of Hawaii”, and send me the file? If needed I’d be happy to pay a reasonable price for your time. Please Help!.

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ear saver rotary clubs of Hawaii
I don’t know how to upload svg files I guess. I have it done. Send me your email and I’ll send it to you.

ear saver Rotary Clubs of Hawaii.pdf (3.0 MB)
I’ll try uploading as a pdf


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Thanks. Email:

You might not want your email visible to everyone. I would suggest editing that post to remove your email, and just sending a private message to wilsonpf (by clicking on his avatar, and clicking “Message”).

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