HELP! Is it Safe to cut ? TIA

Hi Guys,

Just got this sample “leather” palette for Sofas and would love to know if it’s possible to be cut with the :glowforge:!

Has anyone got the knowledge to know if it’s safe to be laser cut/engraved?

Thank you in advance!

They say for technical info to ask the sales team…

I’d ask for an MSDS.


Yeah, the MSDS is likely available on their website somewhere.

There’s a good chance that’s some sort of vinyl.


Without the MSDS it’s hard to say for sure, but with fake leather I’d always assume it’s not safe until I learned otherwise.


Definitely! Wont use until sure about it! :slight_smile:
That’s rule 1 :slight_smile:

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Self preservation is good! I’d like to think common sense is just normal for everyone, but sometimes I wonder. :laughing: I did a quick search for the Skai MSDS, but didn’t find one. You might have to write the company.


The fabric backings are not a good sign that those are animal leather -that’s typically an indication that the material is a vinyl.

Also - most upholstery leathers are chrome tanned which is terrible for both your lungs and your GF.

I would not recommend. :confused:


Looking closely at the cleaning instruction seems to indicate a sensitivity to solvent cleaners so I would say this is not going to be :glowforge: safe. It is likely to be some form of vinyl (aka PVC) thus a laser no-no.

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